A partnership for a better tomorrow

The Regional Center Partnership of Somerset County, Inc., is a non-profit public/private partnership that brings together the vision and planning of three communities, the County, various non-profit agencies, and the private sector to collaboratively work together to guide development and investment.



Shape planning policies that ensure that the Somerset County Regional Center continues to be the premier location in Somerset County to live, work and recreate.


Focusing development, redevelopment and investment in the Regional Center allows the open spaces and farms that provide Somerset County its unique character and charm to be protected and preserved.


The state designation of the Somerset County Regional Center entitles the municipal governments of Bridgewater, Raritan, and Somerville to receive a higher priority of consideration for discretionary funding and technical support for projects and initiatives that fulfill the goals of the Regional Center. Over the past 20 years nearly $130 million in construction funds and nearly $500,000 in planning assistance funds have been secured for projects involving the Regional Center.

Somerset County Roadway Safety Study Sept 29, 2021 public meeting results

The Somerset County Roadway Safety Study includes Finderne Avenue/Main Street in Bridgewater Township and Somerset Street in Raritan Borough.

Suburban Disadvantage

Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Enhancement