Board Membership

The Regional Center Partnership includes 4 officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer), appointed to two-year terms. The Board of Trustees is comprised of 21 voting members consisting of 12 municipal representatives (including 3 appointed representatives and 1 “local” private/institutional sector representative from each Regional Center municipality), 3 County representatives, 1 representative each from the Somerset County Business Partnership and the Somerset County Park Commission, and 4 “at- large” private/institutional sector representatives.

The Executive Committee consists of 7 members of the Board including the three Mayors, a representative from the Somerset County Board of County Commissioners, and 3 “at-large” private/institutional sector members. The Executive Committee meets on an as-needed basis to provide direction and guidance to the Board.

At-large Private/Institutional Sector Representatives

Troy Fischer, Chair, Senior General Manager, Bridgewater Commons*
Jason Dameo, Vice-Chair, Dameo Trucking, Inc.*
Victoria Allen, Treasurer, Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Southern & Central Regions, RWJBarnabas Health*
Anthony Tufaro, Site Facilities Manager-Johnson & Johnson Engineering & Property Services

Somerset County Board of County Commissioners

Commissioner Paul Drake* (Commissioner, Alternate*)

Somerset County Planning Board

Bernie Navatto, Chair, Somerset County Planning Board
Walter Lane, Director, Somerset County Office of Planning, Policy & Economic Development

Bridgewater Township

Mayor Matthew Moench*
Filipe Pedroso, Council
Michael Pappas, Township Administrator
Andrew Fresco, local private/institutional sector representative

Raritan Borough

Mayor Zachary Bray*
Nicolas Carra, Council
Stanley Schrek, Borough Engineer
Nick Zamora, local private/institutional sector representative

Somerville Borough

Mayor Dennis Sullivan*
Thompson Mitchell, Council
Deirdre Rosinski, Vice-Chair, Somerville Planning Board
Rick St. Pierre, Local private/institutional sector representative

Somerset County Business Partnership

Chris Edwards, President/CEO (Chris Zarelli, Alternate)

Somerset County Park Commission

Geoffrey Soriano, Secretary-Director (Dina Trunzo, Alternate)

*RCP Executive Committee member

Current Officers

Troy Fischer


Jason Dameo


Victoria Allen


Erika Phillips
(non-voting position)