Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Executive Summary

The Regional Center is the heart of Somerset County consisting of distinctly interconnected vibrant communities offering a unique blend of quality of life amenities which sets it apart from other regional areas in New Jersey. The Regional Center is a highly desirable location to live, work, play, visit and learn offering an abundance of health and wellness opportunities and resources.

The purpose of the Somerset County Regional Center Strategic Plan is to inform and guide the Regional Center Partnership on where to focus resources to implement top priority projects over the next five years. The Plan is also designed to be used by the three Regional Center municipalities to help advance their master plan goals in relation to the Regional Center. The Strategic Plan consists of three main components: a concise vision statement for the Regional Center, a description of the four themes that characterize the entire Plan and the Plan’s companion document the Background Report, and a list of selected top priorities for the Regional Center for possible implementation in the next five years.

The vision for the Regional Center depicts the inspiration that drives our collaboration to fulfill the vibrant connections mission of Somerset County. The vision describes the framework of where we want to go and what we want to become as guided by the goals set by the Regional Center. The vision and goals are described in terms of the Plan’s Four Themes: Health and Wellness, Resiliency, Embracing the Raritan River, and Job Growth and Private Sector Investment. Following is a summary of each of the four themes:

Health and Wellness

Supporting efforts to encourage increased pedestrian movement and bicycle usage can contribute toward better physical and emotional health and help abate diabetes and obesity. Providing greater opportunities to walk and bike to reach train stations can help enhance health and lessen traffic congestion in nearby neighborhoods.


Among the most critical priorities for the Regional Center is supporting efforts to strengthen Regional Center resiliency and sustainability. Supporting intermunicipal cooperation between the Regional Center towns and the County Office of Emergency Management to develop and implement disaster response and recovery plans will significantly enhance the Regional Center’s ability to sustain itself during disasters.

Embracing the Raritan River

One of the Regional Center’s crowning jewels is the Raritan River which offers so much opportunity in the region. Continuing to support the completion of the Raritan River Greenway will increase opportunities for recreation and physical fitness including jogging, biking, walking, watercraft recreation, and wildlife observation.

Job Growth and Private Sector Investment

The Regional Center is an integral part of Somerset County’s vibrant economy and helps make Somerset County a driving force in New Jersey’s economy. Pursuing the recommendations that emerged from the Supporting Priority Investment in Somerset County studies and the recommendations in the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) that pertain to the Regional Center will help expand the region’s economic development opportunities.

Background Report

The Background Report is the companion document that provides the detailed background information for the Somerset County Regional Center Strategic Plan and helps substantiate the basis for the next steps for the Region’s future. The information in this document is based directly on a public process of working with stakeholders to determine the most important issues impacting the Regional Center and the programs and projects that will help achieve the Regional Center vision and goals. The Background Report also includes an Appendix of Healthy Community Examples.